Middle school can be one of the most challenging time periods for homeschoolers for several reasons but there are a few things parents can do to make it a little easier. At this time, kids are transitioning into teenagers so there are physical, emotional and mental changes; at the same time, schoolwork moves from concrete to abstract and students should start moving from dependent to independent learning.

Flexibility is a key factor in making it through 6th-8th grades for both parents and teens. Flexibility should be applied to the homeschool schedule by making adjustments in what the day-to-day learning looks like based on feedback. Teens may want to sleep in longer instead of getting up early and they are happy to work later so don’t make this a point of contention if it can be incorporated into the family schedule. Extra sleep helps students prepare for learning, absorb information better and have a better attitude about doing school which means less stress and arguing. The reverse also works if students want to get up earlier than the household and start school early because they should be taking more ownership of their studies.

Nutrition is not something that most families think about as a critical factor in a good education. But if kids are constantly getting weighed down with junk food and aren’t exercising like they should, this can adversely affect their ability to learn and to have the stamina needed to get through the day. Parents and teens can work together to come up with healthy snacks that are still delicious; and, they can include outside sports, walking as a family or getting out on the bicycle in the daily schedule in addition to the online school 8th grade learning. The break not only gets the student away from the computer or tablet for a bit but gives their brain a chance to refresh and relax.  Enjoying the outside during the school day doessomething good for their body outside of their schoolwork.

The most important step in building successful middle schoolers is enrolling them in the best online school 8th grade learning that is accredited, has quality curriculum and excellent teachers who care about students and want to help them succeed. Teenagers can easily see their progress when they log into the school portal, check out how many lessons they need to get done in each class for the day and take more control of their education with independent learning. This level of ownership helps them to be invested in how they are doing and encourages them to do a good job so they can move forward into high school and feel like they are in charge. Parents can hold them accountable, help where needed and provide encouragement through the process because they know that their teen is enrolled in the best online classes to help them get where they want to go and to understand the material in each course taken.

Navigating the early teen years is challenging no matter which education method parents choose, but homeschooling allows for more family time, open communication and personal interaction in all areas so the relationship can be deeper and more meaningful when kids reach this age. Look online for the top homeschool programs that provide tools and resources in addition to their certified teaching, elective options and path to graduation to give student every opportunity to succeed..

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