The average third grader is about 8 years old and has 2-3 years of schooling which is plenty of time to form an opinion about whether they like school or would rather be doing anything else. Along with that, this grade is a transition from black/white topics on the page to encouraging the student to think for themselves, evaluate and see beyond what is written. This can be very challenging for some students, so it is important that homeschool teachers (either online or the athome parent) take time to understand where the child is at and how best to help them. Curriculum can be ordered in either the print textbooks or the online portal classes depending on which approach is preferred by the student to make learning during this year easier.


One of the most important decisions a parent can make is choosing which homeschool 3rd grade program to use whether this is the first year or they have been already teaching at home for a while. The material should be written at an appropriate level for this age group and in a logical order so that concepts build on each other from the previous grade as well as what is taught through the year. Math, reading and science are often the most difficult subjects because new ideas are presented, and students are expected to absorb the information and complete assignments. So long as the curriculum is wellwritten then this process becomes easier for the student to decide how much assistance they need from the instructor.

This leads to the next critical decision, who will teach this grade. Parents who decide to homeschool their children are often intimately involved in the process for some or all of the time, even going so far as becoming the part or fulltime instructor. This is a great way for parents and kids to bond together and form a solid relationship, but it may not always be feasible which is why the best homeschool 3rd grade programs offer certified teachers connected with the school to handle this responsibility. They are trained to work with children in the online format and communicate with using the messaging system in their learning program and email to ensure students are clear on the material and can proceed from one assignment to the next. One of the most important things to remember during this time is that every child learns differently (even in the same family) so often flexibility needs to be afforded the student to find just the right learning schedule.

Third grade is the halfway point of elementary school and is an exciting time as students stretch their skills, learn new things about themselves and take advantage of the online resources and tools connected to the best online homeschool program. Take time to check out the curriculum each year for the upcoming grade to ensure it meets personal standards as well as keeping the school accountable for staying up to date with the newest publishers and best textbooks the industry has to offer.

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