One reason to enroll in a Christian homeschool program is to ensure that faith is not just something that is learned on the weekends or in Church. Instead, it is part of a child’s education which takes place from about age 5-18 and gives them a defined understanding of what they believe and how to defend it. Faith, for many, is more than just a Sunday School lesson because it shapes their worldview and how they view everything from creation to historical events. By participating in a homeschool program that brings both pieces together, students learn firsthand the effect faith has on their studies while excelling in their academic work.

When looking for the best Christian homeschool program online, be sure to carefully review the curriculum to determine if what is being taught meets education standards and basics as well as aligns with what you and your family believe. Science is one of the main subjects where lessons about faith and God are taught as creation is discussed and compared with the world’s theories. However, having a separate Bible class gives students the opportunity to study specific topics such as salvation, the Bible as a book and its development and the application of Scripture to life. Bible class is not an option for public school students or those that attend a secular private institution but there are many homeschooling programs that offer this as a separate class and may even be a required credit for graduation.

The Bible is the ultimate guide about how to treat others, what is wrong and right and how to live a godly life. A major driver of the growing popularity in homeschooling is bullying and negative peer pressure which is why more parents are pulling their children away from regular school and students are glad of it. It is important to teach kids about these lessons so they can treat their friends and others in the right way and know how to deal with the difficult situations they face as teenagers and will face as adults. What better way than to incorporate it as a class when they are already learning the lessons required in math, reading, history and other subjects. This grounding ensures that the principles taught become part of who they are while still informing them of other theories and opinions so they can interact with people outside of their circle in a meaningful way.

A final reason to seek out a Christian homeschool program that offers a distinct Bible class is because some parents want the help of those trained to teach Bible, so their children have a firm foundation to their faith. This is the benefit of partnering with a program that offers professional instruction in this subject matter so they can learn from someone who is dedicated to the material and knows how to teach it at the appropriate grade level for that class. Students can share what they learn with their family which can prompt discussions and help everyone to grow together into a stronger and closer unit.

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