We have seen the increase of online classes and courses last year due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Some have been doing online studies from the start like full-time online 6th-8th graders, while others have just started their very first term or semester online.
We understand that online courses could be difficult. Hence, we have come up with a list of tips for effective virtual learning.

Create Your Dedicated Study Space

Having a study space just dedicated to yourself can make online learning so much more effective. As you would not be affected by any of your noisy siblings. It can also help you to actively recall information easier. You are also encouraged to take breaks after a study session. You should also keep your study space neat and tidy.

Take Notes and Ask Questions

The only difference between online and offline classes would be the classroom settings. This should not suggest that you could stop taking notes.  Grab your notebook or iPad and start jotting down every key concept or example. These notes would help you better recall what you have learned. It would make things a lot easier for you when you want to review for a specific test. You have to be more proactive when asking questions as the teacher would have no idea of your pace since he or she would not be able to pace around the room to check up on you.

Avoid Any Distractions

Your phone, other electronic devices or your half-read books should be kept far from your reach. This is because it is very easy for you to start reading or scrolling aimlessly through your social media pages. You can also use a pomodoro app when you are studying on your own. As it would alert you the minute you have reached a certain amount of time. This would prevent you from burning out. Having apps such as Forest would not enable you to use other apps when the timer is on. This would stop you from spending your time unwisely when you should be studying.

Summarize Key Concepts You Have Learnt

Everyone has their own learning style. There are four types of learning which are: visual, audio, reading or writing. It is normal if you are a hybrid learner. Being able to identify the type of learner you are enables you to better adapt study methods that work for you. There are many online quizzes available on the internet and you can use them as a guide to find out on which kind of learner you are.

Your Mental Health Is Important

It is very easy for you to burn out after studying throughout the day for your upcoming examination. You have to always remember that your mental health plays a big role to your learning abilities at the end of the day. As most everyone is considered a tech-savvy person, we would recommend you to download apps to keep track of your emotions and mental stress throughout the week. You could also try to motivate yourself by pasting some motivational quotes or results you would like to achieve at the end of the month or year.

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