Most families prefer online homeschooling programs in view of how time-saving each lesson can be. Online homeschooling is also much more cost-effective without compromising on quality of the education system. To help students who are tech-conscious, a homeschool program is highly beneficial. Each lesson planned under individual curriculum can be easily accessed through online means in the forms of a video, audio, slides, and more. An interactive learning environment can motivate tech-savvy students more to increase their ability to learn, grasp, and retain information. Let us explore more on what an online homeschooling program entails.

Online Homeschool Programs

  • Fruitful interactions with classmates and teachers through a variety of digital means
  • Online course materials let students present their opinions through an engaging virtual environment
  • Independent activities as well as collaborative projects encourage participation
  • Useful feedback from online educators provide students with tips on how they can improve their learning to stay on track with their academic performance
  • Well-organized activities for students who require parental guidance

Students are tasked with coursework on a daily basis that can be completed offline.

Flexibility and Freedom

Students get to pursue their hobbies and interests without missing out on school. There are robust homeschooling electives which can help them hone their skills that students can take advantage of in attaining the necessary qualification for a flourishing career.

Full Accreditation

Our homeschooling courses are fully accredited by Cognia, the Middle States Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, and the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.


Any budget constraints can be fully accommodated by our wide array of programs at NFC Academy that are cost-effective and highly affordable.

Ease of Access and Use

Our programs are easily accessible around the clock and each student’s schedule can be pre-planned by the individual student to ensure each program caters to their unique needs. A learning pattern will be developed to encourage full, voluntary participation. Our academy offers a comprehensive collection of tools and resources that help create an online environment that encourages students to indulge in an all-encompassing learning structure. Online lecturers are available anytime a student requires assistance or guidance on any particular topic.

Round-the-Clock Support

A helpdesk team is available around the clock to offer assistance to students who face difficulties with their online access to different tools and resources. Our courses are well-organized to ensure students have no problems navigating the different lessons in their individual curriculum.

Online Homeschooling Facts

  • Online homeschooling builds on a student’s creativity and independence while developing their social skills through real-time lessons.
  • Parents get to participate in their child’s learning journey to provide moral and academic support.
  • Students gain access to educational materials 24/7 for extensive learning.
  • Students enjoy flexibility that allows them to juggle between studies and personal interests like sports, art, and others.
  • Students grow to become mature adults who excel in independent learning who can easily learn, grasp, and retain new information at a much faster rate.

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