Some students thrive on the traditional classroom environment with the crowds, peer pressure, rigid learning structure and set hours while others struggle for any number of reasons, but they have a difficult time nonetheless.  As a parent it is critical to evaluate your child’s temperament, learning ability, stress points and where the line between challenging them and overwhelming them is at.


For a growing number of families the accredited online high schools learning method is becoming more popular and the best way to give their child a secure and safe environment while growing them in the academics they need for future working and collegiate success.  The long-distance approach is beneficial for those who need one-on-one attention, a more flexible structure to complete assignments and lessons, for those who move frequently or have health issues or for families who want their child’s education from a specific worldview.  It is important to work with an accredited program as colleges and universities look at this feature when reviewing transcripts for admission.  This information should be readily available on the school’s website or from the admission counselor when you are asking questions.

High school is a critical set of years because it is here that the GPA is tracked, overall course grades make a difference and understanding of concepts is translated into corresponding SAT/ACT scores.  The school’s certified teachers should be responsible for teaching course material at this level to ensure that the material is sufficiently grasped by the student as displayed by how well they do through the online portal assignments, quizzes and tests.  Parents are an invaluable support system in encouragement, helping where necessary and utilizing the external links and resources available through the school for additional help and tutoring if needed.  The best accredited online high schools offer everything (and sometimes more) than the local education options giving your student a chance to take college prep classes and, in some cases, to even dual enroll to get the first two years of college under their belt.  At the time of graduation, the electronic system provides access to a wide range of records including report cards, transcripts, submitted work and other information that parents, and teens need to start their college application process.  Another popular aspect of high school is sports and balancing this with academics can be accomplished with accredited classes that meet NCAA standards and requirements.  Students may also have an easier time dealing with practice schedules and online assignments because they can choose when to work that best fits their availability.

The link between accredited online high schools and connecting with local school events such as sports and formal activities has grown stronger through the past decades as the education community has come to embrace homeschooling as a reliable option.  It is important that every family find the right method for their teenager to meet the emotional, social and educational needs that every child has.  Take time to go online and check out the best accredited options as well as how this works with your community school board and put together a strong and effective learning environment for high school.

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