While most of families who decide to home school do so on full-time basis there are occasions where enrolling as a part-time homeschooler can help a student achieve the necessary credits for graduation.

Part-time homeschooling is not as unusual as it sounds and happens quite frequently across the country for hundreds of families. The reasons vary from medical and health to re-location due to parent employment or even learning complications that develop which cause the student to fall behind in the traditional classes. The purpose of enrolling in one of the best accredited online high schools is to give the student an opportunity to continue moving forward with their classes at the local school while catching up on missed courses through the online program.


It is important to consider several factors before committing your child as a part-time homeschooler to ensure that the process is organized and beneficial to the student. One of the first things to confirm from the online high school and the local institution is the acceptance of the coursework into the student’s transcript. For this reason, parents need to work closely with the admissions specialist and guidance counselors at both schools during the initial stages of the process.

Part-time homeschooling provides the student a chance to catch up and take missed coursework, so they can still graduate on time and meet the necessary credit requirement. Since every program is different based on the originating platform, working with a top rated accredited online high school is critical for the success of the project. Students should be able to log-in and work the assignments through the online portal either during the day during study hall classes or downtime or work from a home computer during the evenings. Admission requirements are typically less involved as a part-time student, so this part is easier for parents but transference of credit to their transcript for graduation must be confirmed with the student’s primary school. Should the parent decide to transition the student from part to full-time status at a later point then they will need to submit the rest of the required documentation at which point the accredited online high school will become their official school of record. The same commitment and dedication to long distance learning is necessary regardless of how many classes are taken which is one reason why parents need to ensure they work with a platform of substance and guaranteed satisfaction.  Another reason to become a part-time student is to get ahead and take advantage of a ‘dual enrollment’ status so that by the time the high school student graduates they already have almost two years of college completed.

Education is an important and influential part of growing up and it may look different for every child depending on their learning abilities, home situation, location and access to additional tools and resources.  Take time to consider all the possibilities for your child whether it is working to catch them up on missed work due to illness or help them achieve their dream to move forward and start ahead of the curve. The best accredited online high schools have the programs to help in either case as well as to enroll your student as a part-time or full-time member of their enrollment roster.

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