When a child enjoys reading, building reading skills is much easier. To take on reading challenges, they feel more motivated. They practice more. Hopefully, your child will not only be encouraged to read, but with the tips you’ll see here, they can develop a true love of reading.

As both parent and teacher, what should one of your goals be (education-wise)? You would be well advised to figure out a way to make reading fun for your child. It’s a real shame that today, many individuals have cast aside reading real books. They may, instead, listen to someone else read them. (At least they are getting some of the benefits of the written word.) Others, however, have sadly abandoned books altogether, preferring instead to watch movies, play online games, and more.

Do not let your child fall into a literary barren world. Keep books alive and teach your child how to read by making it enjoyable and fun. Here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Look for Books in a Series

If you need suggestions as to what a child might look for in a popular book series, speak with a teacher or librarian. This allows children to get familiar with themes, characters, and tone, and encourages them to look forward to the next book in a series.

Give Children a Choice

Keep an eye on what your child reads but let them have a choice (or feel like they do). Remember, no matter how it happens or what they read, at least they are reading.

Creative Reading

To play to the strengths of your child, change up reading activities. Create a book together, for example, if they love to draw. Staple folded papers together to resemble a book. On each page, write sentences to go with pictures or illustrations. Together, read it when it is finished.

Books Are Special

A book may make a child feel frustrated or anxious if they have a problem with reading. Try making it a treat, instead, and create positive feelings about it. As a reward, give them a book. For just the two of you, make reading a special time together.

More Ways of Making Reading Fun and Enjoyable

  • For some meaningful quality time, you and your child can read to each other.
  • Word games can make reading fun: Play rhyming games, or “opposites”.
  • Make sure the books your child is reading are at an appropriate level.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. Savor the moment. Take your time.
  • Rather than only reading during class time, during free time make reading a preferred activity.
  • Always make sure you have something to read with you every time you leave the house.
  • Take familiar books and read them again. Your child will learn how to think differently about the same story and build confidence reading something they’re familiar with.

Homeschooled Reading, Writing, “Rithmetic”, and More – NFC Academy

You can encourage good reading skills in your child while giving them the chance to enjoy themselves when you sit down and do it with them. By homeschooling your child, you will be able to participate in reading adventures as part of a planned curriculum. But don’t stop there!

At NFC Academy, we encourage reading with your child at every given opportunity. We can help you put together a learning plan with reading playing an essential part. We provide accredited home school programs for grades K through 12. For grades K through 5, we offer book homeschool programs, and for grades 3 through 12, online homeschool programs.

Give your son or daughter a world-class at-home education, in an affordable manner. Contact us at NFC Academy. Speak to a member of our staff at (888) 960-4624 or fill out our convenient online form to request information.

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