Whether you have been homeschooling your third child or just started a short while ago, you know the joys of homeschooling. You get to teach your children and impart your worldview and teach them invaluable lessons. If your or your partner’s job requires you to constantly be on the move, there are minimal disruptions to your child’s learning. Finally, you get the freedom to set the study curriculum and study schedule exactly to their needs. Despite these multitudes of homeschooling benefits, it probably would not be a reach to say that you will still be dealing with homeschooling challenges. This article will identify some common challenges many homeschooling parents face and give you some ideas on how you can manage them.

​Socializing with other Children

One of the biggest challenges that homeschooling children face is making friends with those of the same age. As parents, we want our children to have organic and authentic relationships and indeed when those needs aren’t met, children tend to act out. However, there are so many opportunities to meet peers from local sporting groups to faith-based groups. Your local library may be offering group story time and you are sure to find other homeschoolers via social media. Creating playdates with neighbors is also an excellent way to make friends.

Teacher vs Parent

When your home is also a school, it is easy for boundaries to get blurred very easily. While teaching and parenting share many similarities, there are countless differences that your children may not be able to grasp. A good way to distinguish between the two is by wearing a badge saying teacher or maybe even a cap. Beyond visual identifiers, it is good practice to set dedicated hours to being a teacher and communicating this to your child.

Sibling Distraction

This is a common problem faced by many parents who have younger toddlers who are not yet of school going age. It is important to give your older children the attention that they need but you should be strategic about it. If they need more attention for English, you might want to schedule those lessons during their younger sibling’s nap times. Alternatively, keep your younger one occupied by setting up an edutainment area or a sensory play box. 

Managing Burnout

Burnout has become very common in nearly all professions, and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Burnout in caring professions is common so don’t be too hard on yourself. A common reason many parents get burnout is due to overcommitment. Sports groups, baking lessons and dance classes amongst others are great but it may be a good idea to check in with your children whether they prefer one or two things strongly. Scheduling down time is just as important.

Dealing with Naysayers

How many of your relatives and extended family have expressed doubt over your decision to homeschool? Some may even be well-meaning while others may be blatant in their dismissal. Make sure to reiterate that you made this decision considering what is best for your family.

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