Around the mid-70s, the idea of different types of children’s learning styles started catching on. Today, the way education is perceived is highly influenced by the notion of various types of learning. So, it comes as no surprise that numerous methods of teaching are being employed. Overall, there are now various ways acknowledged when it comes to understanding new information, learning, and teaching.

Many parents have faced the challenge of assessing their child’s preferred method of learning and looking into ways of making that possible. As an alternative to having difficulty in a conventional school setting, parents and caregivers are looking into homeschooling as the answer. For many, it is working out much to the benefit of both parent and child.

Learning – How Do Children Do It?

Learning preferences are different for every child. Some prefer to learn by asking questions, some by reading, some by doing, and others by hearing or seeing. No matter what their learning style, however, what do they all have in common? Answer… They learn best when the following applies: Things that are of interest to them are incorporated through topics and items.

More than one learning style may fit your child. In their learning preferences, you may notice a pattern. Example: A very verbal and social learner may also be a visual learner. They may prefer using their primary skills of communication to learn especially difficult topics.

To choose your family’s best curriculum, and to get the most from the entire experience of homeschooling, a parent or caregiver needs to understand how their child learns.

Learning Styles

Today, many learning styles are recognized. Here’s a list of the different learning styles:

  • Intrapersonal or solitary learner
  • Interpersonal or social learner
  • Mathematical or logical learner
  • Kinesthetic or physical learner
  • Linguistic or verbal learner
  • Auditory or aural learner
  • Spatial or visual learner

So, what type of learner is your child? Remember, it doesn’t have to be strictly one learning style. Two or more can be combined.

Homeschooling Children with Unique Learning Styles

If your kid has a unique learning style, your household follows a crazy schedule, or you and/or your child prefer to do things at your/their own pace, homeschooling and online learning may be a far better fit than conventional school. Traditional classrooms aren’t the perfect place for everyone, so for many individuals and families today, homeschooling and online learning provide a viable option. Some online high schools operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Children can progress and even graduate early if they work hard and learn at a faster pace. If it takes your child a little longer to grasp things, however, that’s okay as well.

At NFC Academy, we provide accredited home school programs for grades K through 12. For grades K through 5, we offer book homeschool programs, and for grades 3 through 12, online homeschool programs.

Give your child a world-class at-home education. Contact us at NFC Academy. Speak to a member of our staff at (888) 960-4624 or fill out our convenient online form to request information.

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