COVID-19 has changed the world. Numerous businesses shut down as a result of the effects of the virus, people started working from home far more frequently, schools shut down altogether in some cases. Homeschooling and online courses became the norm for a while. Now that some progress has been made in the fight against the coronavirus and its variants, something interesting is taking place.

Those who began working from home are continuing to do so. In addition, parents are discovering that homeschooling and computer learning has definite advantages. Did homeschooling become so popular strictly because it’s convenient? Is it all that convenient? Let’s take a closer look at a way of learning/teaching that, though it has existed for some time, has taken on a life all its own.

Homeschooling – Changes Through Time

There has been a distinct transition for families from private schools/traditional public schools to homeschooling. It has seen a significant increase since the 1980s. Why the increase? To put it simply – because it works.

Over the last 40 years, drastic changes have taken place where homeschooling is concerned. There are more available resources, laws have been amended, and homeschooling attitudes, in general, have changed. Homeschool education was being received by more than 1.7 million children as of 2016. Let’s look at why, over the past few decades, homeschooling has been on the rise.

Acceptance Has Increased  

More homeschooled students began being accepted by universities and colleges after an amendment regarding federal laws in 1998. In other facets of the world, homeschool students also saw increased acceptance. These individuals were discovering more employment opportunities and homeschooled students were being recruited by the military, at last.

Why is that such a big deal? Once upon a time, skepticism held back many employers, the military, and colleges from taking on or accepting homeschool graduates. Their acceptance now, in the present, has begun to influence some parents into rethinking the whole homeschooling scenario. Truly, a viable education is being received through homeschooling.

Homeschooling – Reasons Why

Why should a homeschool curriculum be pursued by families? Here are some of the reasons any number of people have made the change:

  • A new way of learning
  • Personalized education
  • No negative school environment: drugs, guns, etc.
  • Developmental or learning disabilities
  • Flexibility
  • Closer family relationships and more parent involvement
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Mental health
  • Safety
  • Cyberbullying and bullying… and more

Through a homeschooling program, some children have significantly improved attitudes and grades. The benefits listed above are only some of the positive aspects of homeschooling your kids.

One of the Best Methods for Homeschooling – NFC Academy

NFC Academy – offering accredited home school programs for grades K through 12 – provides numerous benefits for children, parents, and teachers.

For grades K through 5, we offer book homeschool programs, and for grades 3 through 12, online homeschool programs. If you’re looking for an affordable solution that ensures your son or daughter gets a world-class education, contact us to find out more. You can call us at (888) 960-4624 or fill out our convenient online form to request information.

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