With the advancement of technology, online education has been on the rise in recent years as most students have access to computers and an internet connection. With the current COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, are you considering whether to enroll your child in an online school so that he or she can still benefit from learning from home? How does an online school compare to a traditional school in this modern day and age? Let us find out more about the advantages of an online school compared to a traditional school.

Worldwide Content

There is a wealth of educational content waiting for you at the click of a mouse, as more educational providers and schools offer their courses online for free or at a certain fee. Do you know that prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford now offer Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) that are free and available to anyone? It is now possible to obtain a MOOC-degree online by enrolling in the university’s courses via technology partners such as Coursera and Udacity. This means that anyone in the world can access the world’s best educational institutions courses and this is indeed a game-changer for many of us! We are no longer bound by geography and can learn from the best educators in the world.

Higher Engagement Online

A study from California State University showed that there was a higher degree of participation and engagement between the lecturer and students in an online class, compared to a traditional classroom setting. In the study, there was a higher quality of interaction recorded, as the students felt less intimidated about participating. In addition, teachers are more likely to use highly-interactive media and attention-grabbing materials to gain the student’s attention during online classes, which is more suitable for today’s students who tend to have a shorter attention span.

Online School is Less Costly

When attending traditional school, there are additional fees incurred for transportation, and room and board. These costs are absent for online schooling as you can just participate in classes from the comfort of your own room. You can definitely save more money which can be used for other educational purposes or taking another online course.

Flexible Learning Schedule

There is a great deal of flexibility when it comes to online learning, as most of the course materials are uploaded online and the student can access it at his or her own free time. Compared to traditional school with fixed timetables, there is a risk of missing a class if one falls sick or has a sudden appointment. For stay-at-home caregivers, or students who have to stay home because of medical reasons, online school is a great option for them to continue with their learning journey at their own pace.

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