Congratulations! You have signed up for an online class to learn more about your favorite subject and are excited to broaden your knowledge and earn a certificate after completion. However, if it is the first time that you are going for an online class, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare for it. There is nothing much to worry about! Read on to find out what you can expect from online classes. 

Prepare the Basics

The first and most important step to take before your online classes begin is to get your computer and internet connection ready. If there is any software you need to install for your classes, ensure that you have installed them and that they are able to work on your computer’s operating systems. Do you also need other peripherals such as a printer, mouse, speakers or a microphone? Purchase them at least a week before your lessons or borrow them from a friend. You wouldn’t want to be scrambling for speakers when you attend your class and find that you cannot hear your instructors clearly.

Designate a Study Space

How often do we find ourselves looking for stuff during the class and panicking when we cannot find our pen, class materials or calculator? It is important to set aside a dedicated space for your study area complete with a desk and some organizers to contain your stationery and files. This will help boost your efficiency and productivity during learning and prevent any unwanted mess from spilling over to other parts of your house. You will also find it a breeze to pull out the relevant materials needed for every class.

Familiarize Yourself with the Online Layout

Before starting the online class proper, it is useful to spend some time navigating and exploring the various pages in the course website so you are familiar with the site and can easily retrieve any course information, resources or lesson plans. This is similar to an orientation program at the start of a school term, where students can familiarize themselves with the school surroundings and learn where important facilities are located.

Read the FAQ and Contact Information Page

It is a good tip to explore the Frequently Asked Questions page to read through some of the common questions and issues that students may have before attending the online class. This can help you to address any doubts or problems that you may encounter later on in the course such as technical issues. You may even be able to find additional resources that will help you understand the course better. Do copy down any online helpdesk numbers so you’ll know where to seek help when the need arises.

Make New Friends Online

With everyone attending the course virtually, you may feel a little curious as to who your classmates are and what their backgrounds are. If there’s an opportunity for you to do so, introduce yourself online and share more about why you are attending the course, your hobbies or what you are looking to achieve. Others are also likely to respond and interact with you and this definitely makes the online course more interesting and meaningful! You can also seek help from your newfound friends when you have any burning questions about the course.

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