Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there already exists a significant number of people across the United States who are skeptics of the traditional school system, and who have withdrawn their children from a conventional public school. In the past one year and a half, the numerous disruptions to the education of children by enforced school closures as a result of COVID-19 have given homeschool advocates, who have yet to withdraw their children from school, the perfect reason to do so. Even amongst those who have no problems with the traditional school system, a sizable proportion of them are now turning to online homeschooling to ensure that their children are able to keep up with their studies. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of abating anytime soon, now is the time for all interested parties to make the switch to online homeschooling if you have not done so. 

Limited Disruption to Education

Abrupt and repeated school closures can be particularly stressful for both students and parents alike. For parents with young children, most kindergartens and elementary schools are not even conducting online classes for them. Instead, teachers are disseminating daily tasks for their students via WhatsApp. Considering the limited attention span of most elementary school children, they would require constant supervision from parents to ensure that they remain on task and complete the assigned tasks in time. This only adds to the burden of parents who also have to juggle their work commitments. Considering the emergence of the Delta variant, it is highly likely that more sudden closures of schools are in the pipeline, leading to more disruption to your child’s education. It would therefore be wise now to enroll your child in an online homeschool to avoid going through such stress again. At NFC Academy, we have professional and elite teachers who are trained specifically to deliver engaging online lessons for your child, allowing parents to focus on their work. For those enrolled in our kindergarten homeschool program, we even offer the flexibility of planning your own timetable using our NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner, which allows your child to be able to attend lessons at their convenience.

Increased Information Retention Rate

Research conducted by the World Economic Forum has revealed that online learning increases one’s information retention rate from 8-10% in a conventional classroom setting to 25-60% from online learning. Consequently, this means that students enrolled in online homeschooling programs have the potential to advance to the next grade more quickly than their counterparts in conventional, public schools. For children whose education have been severely curtailed by the ongoing pandemic, online homeschool will provide them the platform to ensure that they do not lag behind their peers.

Affordability of Online Schools

In normal times, parents with children whose academic performance are below-average often enroll them in supplemental education centers to enable them to catch up with their peers. This is however, a far more expensive option compared to online schools. In the age of COVID-19, many supplemental education centers offering face-to-face lessons have had their operations severely disrupted as well.

Accredited online homeschool programs offered by family-oriented online schools like NFC Academy are affordable and attractive tuition discounts are also extended to students with siblings enrolled in their school, or whose families have served in the military or are first responders. To find out more about the programs offered by NFC Academy, visit them today.

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