There are two main alternatives to traditional school – namely homeschool and online school. However, many parents often do not differentiate between the two terms and use them interchangeably. Online school is not the same as homeschool. The main difference is that as parents, you will act as the full-time teacher of your child while you homeschool them but for an online school, there are online teachers who help to manage the student’s learning remotely within a structured curriculum. Let us now elaborate on other features that make online school different from homeschool. 

Online School Has a Structured Curriculum

As a homeschool parent, you have the freedom to choose any kind of curriculum and learning materials for your child. However, this may be a daunting task if you have no teaching background and may not know how to select suitable materials for your child. Without formal teacher training, you may also not be able to adhere well to your selected homeschool curriculum.

In an online school, students are taught using a well-designed and structured curriculum which is usually state-approved, and are professionally developed by educators. Online instructors are trained to execute the lessons too. By sending your child to an online school, you no longer need to rack your brain for lesson ideas or spend time researching on subject topics or pedagogical approaches.

Online School Has a Structured Curriculum

One of the most important factors for choosing an online school is that it provides accountability and flexibility in the student’s learning. Online schools will provide a detailed study plan with semester dates, deadlines, and have grading systems in place to assess students’ progress. By following the schedule, the student is able to fulfill both educational goals and also enjoy other home and family activities at their own time. This provides an enriching and quality time spent at home while schooling at the same time.

Online School Has Faculty Support  

Students will have the support of teachers and faculty members when they enroll in an online school. This is greatly beneficial if the student prefers having an authority figure to consult for educational advice and mentorship. In homeschooling, you will be playing the dual roles of being both parent and teacher. Hence, there may be instances where your child is not receptive to your instructions when you issue them in the homeschool context.

Since students’ work are monitored and graded by their online school teachers, you will not need to grade your child’s assignments. At the same time, there is no need for you to come up with lesson plans for online schooling. This helps to free up your time and takes away any stress involved in teaching your own child.

Online School Provides Grade-Level Appropriate Teaching

One problem that you may face as a homeschooling parent is providing your child with ability appropriate educational materials. Your child may master a topic sooner than anticipated and you will then have to scramble to adjust your lesson plans or quickly look for other learning materials. Enrolling in an online school will prevent such situations from arising. Teachers from online schools have a huge bank of resources at their disposal. Hence, they can quickly and easily provide the right tools and materials to suit a child’s learning needs.

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