Engineering & Product Development Online


Course Overview

  • Course Length:

    1 semester.

  • Course Credit:


  • Program:

    Homeschool Advantage – NFC Academy Teachers – Accredited

    Home School Edition – Home Teacher – Accredited

    Home School Basics – Home Teacher – Not Accredited

  • High School:

    Grades 9-12

  • NCAA Approved

    Not a Core Course.

  • Accredited:

    Cognia-SACS, Middle States, FACCS

Engineers address society’s needs and problems by designing and producing products and services. The field is diverse and includes Christian professionals who design skyscrapers, design machinery, oversee public works, and develop software and systems.

The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the concepts of product engineering and development from a Christ-centered perspective. Students will analyze the life cycle of a product to prepare it for distribution and target markets. The course begins with building an understanding of the product life cycle, from the initial idea to drafting requirements to using 3-D modeling tools and other design tools. The final unit focuses on assembling project plan pieces for a product and evaluating the plans for a successful product launch. In addition, the course will provide information about the different careers available to students interested in engineering, product development, and project management, as well as, organizations that provide encouragement to Christian engineers.

For topics in this course, it is helpful for students to be familiar with general concepts about engineering, as well as the basics of accessing IT tools and resources for conducting research on web sites. If students are not familiar with these topics, it is important for them to familiarize themselves with online resources for engineering and product development.

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Course Concepts & Samples

Curriculum Focus

  • Understand the Field of Engineering Design and Product Development, as well as Economic and Project Management Concepts.
  • Recognize the Complex Variables that Need to Be Planned and Coordinated as Part of the Product Development Life Cycle.
  • Develop Ideas for Overcoming Challenges and Issues Related to Engineering and Product Development and Identify Different Career Paths Related to Engineering and Project Management.
  • Analyze Product Development Life Cycle Management and Discuss the Role of Data and Human Resources.
  • Identify Best Practices for Project Management in Engineering and Strategies for Building Successful Projects that Utilize Communication and Critical Thinking Skills Required for Addressing Complex Problems.
  • Evaluate and Critique Multiple Perspectives and Multiple Vested Interests Involved in Engineering Project Management and Product Development.

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