British Literature



  • Course Length:

    1 semesters.

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  • Program:

    NFC Academy Teacher Program – Accredited

    NFC Academy Homeschool Plus – Accredited

    NFC Academy Homeschool Basics – Not Accredited

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  • Accredited:

    Cognia-SACS/CASI, Middle States, FACCS

Beginning with works from the Middle Ages, British Literature is a five-unit course that teaches high school students about some of the greatest books of Western Civilization. Students will learn how to appreciate the English literature of the Middle Ages for its wisdom and beauty and will also gain a better understanding of the development of the English language and its literature. Course units cover one to two centuries, concluding with the writings of apologist C.S. Lewis in the 20th century.

The rich history of the English language is explored through this study of British literature that spans from Old English and the Middle Ages to modern writers of the twentieth century. Discussion will also include a comparison of this British literature and the Bible. From Chaucer and Shakespeare to Charles Dickens and James Joyce, students enrolled in this exciting, interactive course will explore some of the foundational pieces of British literature, read the work of classic poets, and examine the fiction and prose that still influences literature today, not only in England, but all over the world. Through this course, students will: gain a better understanding of the beginning and development of the English language and its literature; recognize the Bible’s central importance to the English Reformation; appreciate the wisdom and eloquence of the authors of each period; evaluate literature by comparing it to Scripture; discern the causes and the consequences of “the absence of God” from modern society; appreciate the influence of Christian writers in the twentieth century.


Curriculum Focus

  • The Middle Ages
  • The Sixteenth Century
  • The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  • The Nineteenth Century (1798-1900)
  • The Twentieth Century
  • Gain A Better Understanding Of The Beginning And Development Of The English Language And Its Literature.
  • Recognize The Bible’s Central Importance To The English Reformation.
  • Appreciate The Wisdom And Eloquence Of The Authors Of Each Period.
  • Evaluate Literature By Comparing It To Scripture.
  • Discern The Causes And The Consequences Of “The Absence Of God” From Modern Society.
  • Appreciate The Influence Of Christian Writers In The Twentieth Century.

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