When you think about going to school, you will imagine the traditional classroom setting. That is the way a classroom has been for ages, so it is hard to picture it in another form. However, with the increase in the availability of online courses, you may wonder about the feasibility of having another alternative to learning. You want a degree that is both worth the knowledge and qualifications that come with an online program. You may have some concerns related to online learning, so read on as we debunk some common online learning myths. 

Common Myths Debunked

Learning involves being open to challenge your assumptions. Here are some of the common myths about online learning:

  1. You have to teach yourself.

This is a myth as your instructors will be there to guide you along the way. The online class instructors are in charge of engaging students and teaching about the subject. Professors even put additional effort into the syllabus and assignments so that it is as clear and helpful as possible. 

2.There is no interaction among course mates.

Technology can be used to speak to your friends across the world and collaborate with your business partners, so you can definitely use it to interact with your classmates and professors as well. In an online platform, everyone has the chance to participate so you will actually get a better understanding of who your classmates are as compared to being in a huge lecture hall. [CS1]

  1. Instructors are faceless entities.

In the university, professors have office hours for students to drop by for a consultation. Depending on the professor, they might be reachable by email or approachable after class. Interacting with professors greatly helps to reinforce the learning in class. For online programs, students can connect with professors through online pages and platforms.

  1. You cannot build a social network.

One of the best parts of education is the people you meet and the connections you get to experience. People rely on these networks to find their jobs and gain life opportunities. Such online platforms may actually make network-building easier.

  1. Online courses are easy.

If you are enrolling in an accredited program, it is not as easy as you think. Online courses are just as challenging as the regular on-campus education.

  1. Employers do not value online degrees.

Employers may have been wary back then, when online learning was still a new thing. However, the popularity of online learning has been increasing and it is now more recognized by employers.

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[CS1]This is not the way our program is set up.  Not sure if that needs to be re-written or not so I will leave that up to you.

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