The most influential factor that families need to carefully consider when they make the decision to homeschool is the choice of the online program and curriculum. A child’s education is an important investment that is determined by the choice of homeschool programs in Florida because each one offers different online programs resources and curriculum for text and e-books. Parents should go online and research the available enrollment opportunities to find one that aligns with their budget, educational needs and religious beliefs, if applicable. Other information resources include checking with experienced homeschool families to see what program or method they utilize as different states allow varying approaches.

As part of this check, parents need to ensure the program they select is  accredited through at least one recognized accrediting body, but preferably, they will have multiple accreditations. This is important when you homeschool in Florida or any other state because accreditation indicates the school meets established educational standards. When applying for college or transitioning back into the traditional school system, accreditation status of the previous school is checked to determine if transferred class or course credits can be accepted.  Thousands of higher-level universities rely on the accredited status of the  homeschool programs, because the homeschool programs are not easily recognized by the colleges, because the homeschool programs  are outside the public-school system.  Accreditation assures the colleges and universities the the homeschol program is educationally accountable in the same ways as the public schools.

These two steps lay the foundation for a student’s education but the next couple of checks are for the parent and student to work on at the house. While the easiest form of homeschooling is through a reliable online program, it can become boring and rote for a student of any age to sit in front of a screen all day. The benefit of homeschool in Florida is that families are not restricted to a specific time frame or number of hours they have to complete each day. If a student completes their work in a couple of hours, the rest of the day is available to put learning into action. This is especially important for younger students who need breaks and hands-on activities to keep their brain active and engaged with the concepts they are learning. However, field trips are a great idea for students of any age and they can be done as a group with other homeschoolers who may follow a different program but are learning roughly the same things. The final item to consider is the organization and schedule that each family customizes to fit their student’s unique environment and learning dynamics. Get creative, make it fun and remember that flexibility is one of the top benefits of homeschooling and can be applied in a variety of ways to make the experience beneficial for your child.

Education is a critical part of child and teen development so parents need to take their time at the start to determine which path is the right way to go. For families who want to try it out, take some sample lessons online if offered, or check the part-time homeschooling options offered by some of the top online programs and see how your student does with the online learning before making a final decision on whether to commit to this approach or not.

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