​Single parents are unique individuals who work hard to provide for their family and be there for their children in every way possible without the aid of a partner. It would seem the easiest answer is to place the kids in a good school so the parent can work full-time and everyone gets what they need.  But,  this does not erase the many issues there are with public schools, issues that cause more and more families to pull their kids out of public school in order to teach them at home. There are various approaches to online homeschool that are impacted in some areas by state regulations.  So the parent houldfirst check with the local school authorities and then look for a few ways to take advantage of keeping kids at home for school and giving them a top-quality education at home. 

Instead of homeschooling completely on your own where the parent is responsible for choosing the curriculum, is the sole instructor and is responsible for all documentation, there is an easier way. For students as young as 3rd grade, homeschooling online is a viable option that has proven to be very successful in giving students the information they need with access to certified professional teachers in the program. Virtual learning has been adopted by every major college and university with more adults choosing this path every year because of the convenience offered by taking classes from home. Students who homeschool online get a head start in long-distance learning and do not need the parent to be the primary teacher which leaves the parent free to do other things.

This may seem like passing the job on to someone else but middle and high school students especially appreciate online homeschooling for a number of reasons. It allows them to control their school schedule so instead of having to take 7-8 hours in a classroom, they can get their work done sooner and help out around the house or balance out other important activities. Learning at home also removes the peer pressure and stress of having to keep up with classmates so the parent no longer has to worry about whether their child is being bullied or is coming home upset because of something that happened at school. Online homeschool students learn the required  course material, but they also learn time management, self-study and how to interact with teachers without being in the same room. These are all skills that will be useful when they become adults. Single parents may not have large financial resources, but online school can be affordable when provided by an accredited program  with an excellent reputation and financial assistance programs.

A child’s education is important no matter what the home situation is and being a single parent doesn’t mean that home school is unavailable. With the right online program and educational resources,  homeschooling can be a positive experience with benefits that positively affect the child’s future. Go online and check out the various sites and options to find the one that works best for your family. 

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