Every child learns differently, while some do fine in a classroom environment with a large group, others need more one-on-one attention on a regular basis. How your child learns best should be one of the first questions a parent asks themselves and discusses with the child. If they do better on their own then the online portal for classwork and study is an excellent approach; however, if they need a group environment then consider partnering with other families who want to homeschool and set up days/times to meet. Kids can do their own work but the group setting can help encourage them and provide the ‘traditional’ classroom they are looking for.


Curriculum and world perspective are another consideration the parent must look at. The number of online homeschooling platforms has grown significantly over the past decade so choosing the right one with an accredited curriculum and reliable service is important. If you are looking for a top Christian online school than be sure to include this in the search criteria to narrow down the options. Websites should contain most of the information parents need but there are Admission specialists that can help with questions and providing more detail about the textbooks used and their options including college prep, Honors and dual enrollment for high schoolers.
The most important question for parents to consider is whether homeschooling will help their child to succeed.  In many cases, kids who are taught at home have increased self-discipline, excellent self-study skills and an inner motivation to get things done. The ability to work at their own pace, have easy access to direct instruction and educational resources and set a custom schedule are some of the primary reasons why students enjoy learning at home. They get to socialize with their peers through clubs, sports and other activities while focusing directly on their school work with no pressure, no stress and no concern with what everyone else is doing.  Parents prefer the homeschooling option because it is safer and gives their kids the confidence they need to do well in every grade because they can ask questions and work with professional instructors to understand the concepts being taught. This is not available in any public or private school unless parents are willing to pay extra for tutoring which some kids are resistant to because they don’t want their friends to know they need help.  Instead, self-study at home is organized, effective and puts kids at the top of their class with quality curriculum through an accredited school platform.
Family dynamics are unique and have to be part of the discussion including whether either of the parents will be a home teacher or will they take advantage of the full-time staff through the online portal, the cost which varies depending on the chosen platform and the flexibility which can be different for each child. Working with a Christian online school can help with the process and ensure that everyone has the answers to their questions for a great education experience.

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