After researching, there does not appear to be any stipulation that parents must choose a homeschool program that is situated in their state of record. This means that if you live in Texas then you can partner with a school in Florida but before making this decision it is important to consider several factors.


Every state has its own rules regarding notification or intent to homeschool, record keeping, vaccination requirements and annual testing. When looking for a homeschool curriculum it is important to first understand what your state requires for each of these and then you know what to look for in an online program. Some families choose to create their own curriculum and keep personal records (if they are required to do so) without going through a formal school program. There are benefits to working with an online system that specializes in homeschooling support including transcripts, curriculum, lesson planning and instructional support which is especially important in the upper grades. Choosing this path does not limit your options of who to work with and can enhance them as you work to find an academy or online home school that meets your expectations as well as state requirements.

If your state is part of the stricter group where notification must be made, then this is typically done by the parent as soon as possible in the form of an informational letter to the local school district office. The accredited online homeschool program satisfies the record keeping factor because all grades are saved and displayed online in an easy-to-use manner for students and parents. Report cards are also provided on a regular basis which can be presented at any time if the child’s education is questioned. Accredited homeschool curriculum Texas, Florida or any other state is even better because it has the backing of recognized associations that establish strict standards for teachers and the platform to ensure the student receives a quality education. Annual testing to determine if the student can progress to the next grade is not required in every state but it is still a good idea to have done anyway. Some accredited online schools provide a way to do this through their program or you can work with the local school network to see if the student can sit with the other kids when they are taking the test. Another option is to hire a state-certified teacher to administer the test at home and keep the results on file to provide the online school if they need it or as additional documentation proof. Vaccinations are not usually mandated because the child is learning at home and is never an online homeschool requirement, so it doesn’t affect the choice of platform.  

Homeschooling is the ultimate ‘school choice’ option so long as parents ensure that they are informed as to their state’s requirements and partner with a program that meets these regardless of where it is located. The best Christian homeschool curriculum may be in Florida but is accessible to those in Texas, other states or families that are out of the country and want to keep their child’s education progressing.

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