Homeschooling is a great approach to education when one or both parents want to be intimately involved in their child’s learning. There are several methods of home learning, each with similar and different costs depending on the direction that is selected. A good first step is to compare the available options and decide which is the right plan for the family, so the child receives the education they need to become successful in the future and parents are satisfied with the investment.


General costs that need to be taken into consideration include clothing, curriculum, supplies, travel/gas and direct fees/tuition to the school. Public schools are free to attend but parents still must purchase equipment and supplies for the student to bring and appropriate school attire. When looking at private schools, there may be a uniform cost along with the other fees already mentioned and tuition which can range from affordable to expensive depending on the location, reputation and quality of the institution. Parents can homeschool with or without a formal program, but the costs will vary based on the route they choose.

One of the easiest ways to get started teaching kids at home is to partner with an accredited home schooling program that is an extension of a brick-and-mortar institution or strictly online with the necessary approvals, courses and abilities to keep records. Benefits include a set curriculum for each grade, access to professional instructors, online portal with daily lesson planner for assignment completion or print textbooks and help with the administration and documentation features. The overall price can be affected by grade, print vs online curriculum and whether the parent chooses to be the teacher of allow those at the accredited school furnish their teachers.   

The most affordable option is for a parent to be the dedicated teacher and still have access to the professional resources, but this is not always a practical solution depending on the family’s situation and doesn’t apply when the student reaches 8th grade. Many accredited homeschooling choices are reasonably priced to accommodate families of different economic positions and life situations. It is important to remember that gas and clothing costs are minimal because the schooling is done at home, but students will need the required electronics if using the online portal option. Supplies can be purchased for the schoolroom instead of individuals which can reduce what is spent in this area.

Homeschooling is not a free option, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to the point where you cannot afford to do it for your children. Parents considering this approach to education need to do their due diligence by researching the top homeschooling programs. Look for a program that includes all grades (K-12), is accredited by at least one agency although multiple accreditations are better, check out tuition costs and extra fees and ask about resources that are included or are free and recommended. Giving your child a quality backed education is worth the investment but needs to be affordable so it can be sustained for as long as homeschooling is the preferred option.

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