For a while, when the coronavirus was first devastating the nation, many schools closed. Virtual learning was incorporated into the lives of both children and parents. One concern that plagued many parents was whether or not a lack of socialization would be detrimental to their child’s development. Naturally, the education of their child was first and foremost. But the development of social skills leads to a mature, well-balanced adult. How would their children fare from a lack of socialization?

News flash! Not only is it possible, but it is fairly simple for children to stay social while in online schools. During virtual school and distance learning, there are a number of creative, fun ways your kids can stay in touch with old friends and make new ones.

Virtual Game Night

For lots of popular “Switch Games” (Nintendo), online play is available. A monthly subscription may be required, but it’s well worth it. Your kids can play numerous games online with their friends, virtually.

Interactive Movie Nights

There are more streaming services available now than ever before. If you don’t feel good about your child going to movie theaters right now, here’s a way for them and their friends to “get together” for a movie. The “Netflix Party Chrome Extension” was recently rolled out by Netflix. Kids can bond with their friends and hang out while watching a movie. They can talk about the movie while they’re watching as it plays back across multiple devices.

Virtual Art Lessons

For kids of all ages, this is one great option. For children who went to traditional schools, art was a favorite class of many. Online, you can find printable pages, free coloring pages, and more. Everyone tunes in online and does their project while sharing it, and chatting, as they go.
Tutorial art lessons offer a more structured version of this socialization opportunity. For teenagers, more in-depth instruction may include a fee, but there are also free online courses.

Virtual Book Club

As part of homeschool homework or schoolwork, reading is required. Why not let friends and classmates get together by participating in a virtual book club? They will have fun, socialize with others, and – at the same time – help fulfill the requirements put forth by your state where reading is concerned.

Need Information Regarding Homeschooling? We Recommend NFC Academy

As you can see, just because your child is participating in homeschooling doesn’t mean their social life needs to suffer. Or yours either, for that matter! If you could use some suggestions, want to ask questions, or would simply like more information in general regarding homeschooling, the best people to turn to are those at NFC Academy.

We provide accredited home school programs for grades K through 12. For grades K through 5, we offer book homeschool programs, and for grades 3 through 12, online homeschool programs.

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