There are many reasons that families decide to homeschool whether it is for religious instruction, safety, advanced instruction or because of lifestyle. Students who never attend a traditional classroom may never think about the differences or other options because homeschooling is all they know but as they get older, it is a good idea to have discussions with them about this approach and their thoughts.

One of the things students love most about the online Christian school is their ability to have ownership of their education when it comes to selecting courses and electives. Advanced classes such as Honors and AP are available in public schools, but homeschooling offers similar options for families and they are able to choose the program that offers the best curriculum options based on the child’s learning abilities and interests. The reverse is also true in that students who need more time to absorb information and learn at a slower rate do not feel pressured or inferior to their peers because they have the freedom and flexibility to follow their path.

High school students are the biggest proponents of homeschooling and even those who went to a regular school will sometimes bring this approach to their parents as an option. The flexibility to create their own hours, study around their sports or job and prepare for college with the online Christian school portal are benefits this age group appreciates the most. Students can participate in dual enrollment programs, so they graduate with a high school diploma and some working toward a two-year AA degree  which allows them to shorten their time in college and enter the workforce faster. If sports are a primary focus then students can work their studies around practice schedules and be eligible for scholarships so long as their classes are NCAA approved. This is something parents should look for along with accreditation when they are searching for the right homeschool program for their children. Homeschooling removes the social pressure of cliques, bullying and looking or acting a certain way to fit in so students can pay more attention to their studies and find other ways to socialize with individuals in a healthy relationship. Students often have better grades, more stability and increased study skills because they have the autonomy to do their work online and govern their schedule without undue influencing factors.

When parents are considering homeschooling their little ones, the decision is primarily theirs to make based on family reasons but as the kids get older, it is important to start getting their input and thoughts.  This can help reduce tension and allow for adjustments if there are issues or things the student doesn’t like about the homeschooling. Teenagers especially have independent thoughts and while many enjoy learning at home for the reasons stated above, there are those that would do better in a traditional environment.  This is where communication is critical because the ultimate goal is to provide the student with a learning structure that is beneficial to them so they can do what they want in the future. 

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