“Online homeschooling” is a term which is often used interchangeably with “homeschooling”. However, there are differences between the two terms. Homeschooling is when the child’s parents, or a dedicated teacher, conducts in-person lessons with the child on a regular basis. Meanwhile, online homeschooling is when a group of teachers manages the student’s education remotely within a structured curriculum. With the advancements in technology in the past decades, the phenomenon of online homeschooling has been slowly rising as well, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only facilitated this acceleration. Online homeschooling is ideal for students who feel that their intellectual capabilities and creativity are stifled in a conventional classroom environment which places more emphasis on conformity and homogeneity. If you are considering withdrawing your child from school and enrolling them in an online school, read on to find out more information about online schooling.

Caters to Children of All Ages

At what age should children begin online homeschooling? You might have heard that online lessons are not conducive for younger children due to their lower attention spans. While there might be some truth to that argument, whether a child is able to focus during an online lesson is also dependent on the presence, or absence of the authority of a parental figure. Research has shown that with consistent parental supervision, young children who are homeschooled online are able to meet the state standards just as easily as children attending a conventional school. As a parent, if you are thinking of enrolling your child in an online homeschool, you have to be prepared to make some personal sacrifices in the form of your time, as the success of your child does not depend solely on the teacher alone. At NFC Academy, we offer online homeschooling programs for children of all ages.


In an online school, not only do students have the flexibility to decide their pace and time of learning, they can also set their own assignment deadlines following consultation and guidance from their online teachers. At NFC Academy, we welcome students to enroll at anytime of the year, whether you are just starting school, or transferring from another online or conventional school. Your school year will follow the standard number of school days, which is 180 days, regardless of when your start date is. For our kindergarten homeschool program, we even offer parents the flexibility of customizing your child’s own timetable through our NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner as we understand that it is not easy balancing one’s work and childcare commitments.

Customized, Personal Curriculum

Online homeschooling allows a child to follow a customized, personal curriculum which is tailored specifically to their abilities and needs. If your child is a fast learner and have already mastered the content while their classmates are still struggling with it, they will be able to move up to more advanced levels quickly rather than being stuck in a classroom, and be bored to tears. Similarly, if your child is not as academically inclined, he or she will not have to worry about being teased by classmates for raising their hand to seek further assistance from their teachers. If you are looking to enroll your child in an online homeschool with a proven track record of success, please contact us today.​

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