Kindergarten – 4th Grade Book Program

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Accredited Kindergarten-4th Grade Book Program


Homeschool Book Program

  • Full Kindergarten Curriculum Program.
  • Includes Bible Class from Positive Action
  • Language Arts Including Phonics Lessons, Writing and Reading.
  • Includes Two Colorful Worktexts for the student and Teacher Guides.
  • Learn the phonics vowels, consonants To Begin To Read.
  • Complete Math Program with Two Large Colorful Worktexts.  Includes Teacher Guides.
  • Math Includes Focus on Basic Numbers, Counting Number Order, Place Value, Time, Money, Comparisons, Addition and Subtraction.
  • Complete Teacher Resource Launch Kit with Number Chart, Addition and Subtraction Flash Cards, Flash Card Packet and More.
  • Learn the colors and shapes.
  • In the Christian Based Health Class Learn About Living With Your Family, Getting Along with Others, How To Be Safe and More.
  • NFC Academy Kindergarten Daily Lesson Planner that Guides You Each Day.
  • Want An Early Start? Check Out Our Pre-Kindergarten Program for Early Preparation To Get Ready for Kindergarten.

1st-4th Grade

Homeschool Book Program

Math Resources
  • Each Course of Study Is Broken Into Ten Units for Easy and Thorough Completion. Complete Teacher Guides for the Home Teacher.
  • The NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner Is Provided for Each Course, So No Guessing How Much To Complete Each Day to Finish Your Year.
  • Complete Bible Based Program In Books.
  • Includes Curriculum Courses in Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science.
  • In History & Geography See God’s Activity in the Historical Record of Man and All His Relationships.
  • Language Arts Will Cover the Six Major Areas of Reading, Speaking and Listening, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Composition.
  • Math Skills Will Be Developed Through Question Formats, Multiple Exercise Techniques, and Fun Learning Games.
  • The Math Curriculum Will Focus on the Major Themes of Number Skills, Geometry, Algebra, Data Analysis, and Probability.
  • Science focuses on the Development of Observational Skills in the Physical Universe God Created.
  • The Focus for Science Will Be Life Science, Space and Earth Science, Physical Science, and the Scientific Method.

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  • Real Books for Your Homeschool Program. 
  • Courses Include Bible, History, Language Arts, Math & Science. 
  • Accredited Program Like All of NFC Academy’s Programs.
  • Enjoy the NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner that Does All the Planning for You.
  • Celebrate with Your Child As You See them Daily Learning New Concepts.


LIFEPAC is a Christian Homeschool curriculum in a full-color worktext based upon the principle of mastery learning where the students master each concept as they move from unit to unit. You will find this curriculum, which was designed by a team of accomplished educators, easy to teach. LIFEPAC at NFC Academy includes Bible, History & Geography, Language Arts, Math and Science for grades 1-4.

​The NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner comes with each LIFEPAC course and provides the parents with the areas to cover each of their school days so they are assured of finishing their year on time. The parent just has to focus on teaching and leave the planning to the Daily Lesson Planner.


A Biblical Worldview

​Our worldview at NFC Academy is from a biblical worldview or Christian worldview. While seminary courses provide very deep meanings of what makes up a biblical worldview, for our purposes, we will define it simply as we look to the Bible for our beliefs and how we should operate.

That means our curriculum will be written from that view – you could see that as we believe that God exists and He is our Creator, our teachers will hold that view both in their teaching and in their personal lives, and all that we do at NFC Academy will seek to have such a view to how we operate.

Our worldview reminds us of the traditional family values that have been a part of our nation’s history in education and just about all aspects of life from its founding. To learn more about our worldview visit Our Worldview web page.

Fully Accredited & NCAA Approved High School Courses



Keys to Your Learning Program Maximum Academic Success
Have a Designated Learning Space When space permits, make a place in the home that is for school. Decorate as you can to be grade and age appropriate.
Create a Flexible Schedule for School Time You have much flexibility in your daily learning. It is best to have a daily schedule and follow as best as you can. Remember school time needs to be considered important time.
Follow Your NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner Let your NFC Academy Daily Lesson Planner be your planning tool that keeps you on track. When you follow it in your courses you know you will finish on time and you can devote your time to teaching your child.
Enter Your Grades Weekly Use your online gradebook each week to enter your grades. Once you enter the grades, the gradebook does all the averaging.

Special Note: Entering grades regularly allows us to confirm the student is in continuous learning that will meet a states compulsory attendance requirements.