Kindergarten Teacher Resources

Kindergarten Teacher

We provide our enrolled families these resources to aid you in your teaching with your kindergartner in the areas of Language Arts and Math. They come from various websites that are available on the Internet. Our staff have  reviewed these and we believe they will provide more learning opportunities in your Kindergarten homeschool classroom.

These materials are supplements to your LIFEPAC books and do not take the place of the curriculum but do provide resources aligned with instructional materials in your learning program.  Parents are not required to use any of these resources and are simply made available in a convenient location for your access. 


Resources for Your Kindergarten

Kindergarten Grading and More

Let's Do Grades

Parents will want to become acquainted with the grading for Kindergarten and the sheets we provide to you so your assessments are easy to complete.

Grading is done by the quarter for kindergarten using the electronic gradebook the Academy has designed for our parents. Go to our Kindergarten grading page and you will see the sheets to download to guide you through each quarter’s grading. Submit your grades using the electronic grade book. You will be able to see your grades throughout the year as you complete each quarter.


Parent Handbook & Verses for Bible

Parent Handbook

As an accredited school, NFC Academy is committed to offering the highest in academic programs for our students grades K-12. For our book program families in our accredited program you will need to be familiar with important polices as the home teacher.

The K-4 Book Parent-Student Handbook provides information about NFC Academy and general policies and how we serve you. The Homeschool Edition Teacher’s Manual provides specific information for those who are the homeschool teachers at home.

Kindergarten Bible

Nothing can be more important in our lives than the learning of God’s Word, and these printable Bible verses make it easier as you work together with these verses from the Bible.

Download your Printable Bible Verses here.